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Interview With Monster Girls Anime Review

Starting off with a slice-of-life anime could have been one of the many harder choices to get started a series of articles, but Interviews With Monster Girls belongs to the better shows to relax this winter season. The show centers around Tetsuo Takahashi, a new biology teacher who has a desire for studying rare humans, dubbed “Demi” who are normal people that have character with monster archetypes. For instance, Tetsuo encounters an energetic young lass named Hikari Takanashi, who is vampire, a calm girl who carries her head around and wishes to make friends, Kyoko Machi. and a yuki-onna who is falls into the “cold as ice” trope in Yuki Kusokabe. All of these demi-humans can be extremely rare outside in the world, so Tetsuo can make it his mission to interview and study his students.

One of many better parts of the anime is that the main protagonists that all of the demi-humans want to wind up with doesn’t fall into the “pretty boy” trope that so numerous types of shows make an effort to shove down your throat. Tetsuo Takahashi, while plainly being the male protagonist who is kind and mindful of his students, his appearance isn’t the immediate heart-throb like you may expect. Instead, we're treated to a a little husky male with stubble and would rather get details about the demis that are around his school than flirt around or be so immune to the female’s advances as to be really shocking.

The truth is, in these earliest several episodes he both speaks with the vampire about whether sucking blood has any connection to any potential sexual feelings or not, while also showing enough class to not immediately fall head over ehels when he by mistake touches a succubus Saki Sato who fears about finding a mate without her abilities being in the way, and instead waiting until he is alone to have his own feelings come out. He is not at all jerk, nor is he useless of personality. Tetsuo is both a scientist and teacher and both aspects reflect in him hugely.

Additional characters, while all okay so far in the show, also play out their tropes to somewhat of a tee. Its a really not a poor thing in this case, and it’s interesting to see various ways being a demi affects them in real life compared to normal humans. The dullahan girl Kyoko has to get permission to hold a special backpack since one of her hadns can be busy with her head. Hikari, overly is really intersting, as she loudly says almost everything on her mind until it’s time for her to be interviewed about more personal information. Interviews with Monster Girls is filled with lovely moments that work very well in the anime itself.

This also doesn’t hurt that all the female designs are wonderful and show their personality. The are all human-shaped too, so people who have been ceeped out by the odd, somewhat creepy character designs that’s, don’t have to feel concerned. The seiyuu in Interviews With Monster Girls is fairly standard fare, with Tetsuo and Hikari being the clear standouts. Nothing of the voices are really bad, despite I do wish that Kyoko had a lot more energy in her voice.

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