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What is My Views About Haikyuu Volleyball Manga

This manga truly idolizes the underdogs without getting them all of the sudden earn new skills and talents. At the start of the series, everyone was kind of plain. Their skills were medicore at best, and they created constant mistakes. During the training camp, Karasuno, the volleyball team where the main protagonist joins in, lost approximately 70 practice games and won 3. This tends to make me happy snice they are not overpowered.

For example Hinata is being short but great jumper and spiker. He has fast reflexes and excellent athleticism. But the thing I love probably the most is that while he is the main character, he is most likely the least skilled in his team.

This series truly puts the focus on how inexperienced Hinata is. Certainly, he has an awesome jump and strong arm. But he sucks at serves and receives, where they are the most fundamental defense and attacks moves in volleyball.

Moreover, character development. This show goes on how much the characters have improved. I just love it. As a fan, I also bought a set of mascot keychain on Anime Bibly and they are so cute!! Super cute!!!

Haikyuu can be a coming of age genre anime. The main character despite being short, which is a must have trait in the game he loves works hard to attain his dream. Along the way inspires many people realize theirs.

If you are into some kind of sports genre, then this can be a must read, though I will not say it’s real looking but the main character is fairly likeable.

This manga is certainly amongst the best sports manga I have read... the way story line moves along is wonderful... Moreover the players obtain somewhat equal highlight as well.

It’s fantastic. Mainly that excellent toss, toss that stops, setter dump. Almost everything were magnificent.

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