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Looking for the First Makoto Shinkai Movies? Maybe You're in Right Path!!

We knew that Makoto Shinkai has the best anime movie ever in Japan, namely Kimi no Na wa. But, he wasn’t gain so much popularity without any struggle. For example, his first movie titled “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” was not too popular among anime lovers. Indeed, some other his works considered to much like Hayao Miyazaki but failed to achieve that level.

However, now his name gains so much popularity after he released Kimi no Na wa. which make more and more people are seeking his other works. For example, his first movie.

Despite The Place Promised in Our Early Days isn’t his first original work, it’s included into the first movie he has made. The first work is a short anime called “Hoshi no Koe”. So, I won’t talk about his first work, but his movie that he made instead. If you want to know his work list, you can read the list of Makoto Shinkai movies on different blog.

About the Movie

The Place Promised in Our Early Days, or also known as Kumo no Mukou, Yakushoku no Basho in Japan, is the first movie of Makoto Shinkai and was released in 2004. Much like Voices in a Distant Star and 5 Centimeters Per Second, this is a story about 2 people and their distances. Not like Voices where their distance that of time and space, this anime is their distance across dreams, reality, or dimensions. What I prefer about this idea is how well Shinkai presented it.

The main heroine Sayuri is physically in the world, but spiritually trapped in another. It’s very touching to see our hero Hiroki look for Sayuri realizing that she’s really close yet at the same time very far away from him.

One of the stronger elements in this movie is the animation. It is completely beautiful. There are two points that make this movie extremely wonderful. The first is the background and the use of colors. The background really speaks to you with its depth and vibrant colors. You can really feel the detail and it’s certainly moving. One other part of the animation that make it dazzling is the lighting effects. It’s properly used to highlight those key moments movie. 

Overall, this movie won’t be disappointed since it has great animation and story. So, if you look for the first movie of Makoto Shinkai, you are not in the wrong path. Just go and watch it!!

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