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  • Interview With Monster Girls Anime Review

    30 janvier 2017

    Starting off with a slice-of-life anime could have been one of the many harder choices to get started a series of articles, but Interviews With Monster Girls belongs to the better shows to relax this winter season. The show centers around Tetsuo Takahashi,...

  • What is My Views About Haikyuu Volleyball Manga

    30 janvier 2017

    This manga truly idolizes the underdogs without getting them all of the sudden earn new skills and talents. At the start of the series, everyone was kind of plain. Their skills were medicore at best, and they created constant mistakes. During the training...

  • Looking for the First Makoto Shinkai Movies? Maybe You're in Right Path!!

    01 février 2017

    We knew that Makoto Shinkai has the best anime movie ever in Japan, namely Kimi no Na wa. But, he wasn’t gain so much popularity without any struggle. For example, his first movie titled “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” was not too popular among...

  • sequel OVA Chaos;Child: Silent Sky therefore reveals the true mystery

    21 juin 2017

    It's possible you have thought that that story of Chaos;Child has been all wrapped up having its final episode. But earlier this weekend, we witnessed double-length sequel OVA Chaos;Child: Silent Sky therefore reveals the true mystery that's lurking in...

  • Danganronpa V3's Demo Showcases Its Totally Strange New Minigames Together with Characters

    24 juin 2017

    The nicest thing about the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony demo is it's far not actually the main full game. It's a really teaser meant to introduce the reasoning behind without giving everything away, and to get a game about helping you out with murders,...

  • Attack on Titan Season 3 Announced for 2018

    26 juin 2017

    Attack on Titan season 3 is usually making its method to fans in 2018. The announcement for any Anime based with Hajime Isayama manga came at the end of today’s Attack on Titan 2 season end. A specific relieve date for Attack on Titan season 3 hasn't...

  • [Explicit] With ‘Sword Art Online’ Is Bad! Too Many Abuses in Game by Kayaba Akihiko

    26 juin 2017

    Can be a certain member with Sword Art Online guilty with several crimes? After you get enjoyed enough Manga and Anime you'll be able to read between the lines that will see a depth or two another can have missed. Through this and also other detailed...

  • Video Game Event in Northfield Gets Kids Make Friends

    03 juillet 2017

    For any 35 or so children who spent Saturday afternoon at Northfield Elementary, your day wasn’t something like school. The Dickinson Memorial Library organised an old school video game competition where people signed up for the library’s summer program...

  • Video game releases for Playstation 4 in July 2017

    03 juillet 2017

    Below are a few of the big video game releases for Playstation 4 in this month of July 2017. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age (only for PlayStation 4) — Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, a remaster of 2006's Final Fantasy 12, will comprise of the International...

  • Girls Beyond the Wasteland, for pretty much 8 episodes is usually unfocused

    17 octobre 2017

    Some sort of rushed version of looking to do ''SHIROBAKO'' along with the Visual Novels instead with Anime but just without worrying about the passion and dealings along with the Visual Novel industry.... ohhhh costly. Yeah... remember what LA said at...

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia doesn't adapt the games well!

    18 octobre 2017

    May well, this was really my first Anime truly! (That is, when knowing what Anime has been... ) I've just been watching Anime to get a little over half 12 months, but this show was the first of many demonstrates I have watched and you will be watching!...

  • Choujigen Game Neptune, Nothing like the games, but still fun to follow

    18 octobre 2017

    May well, this was truly my first Anime truly! (That is, subsequent to knowing what Anime ended up being... ) I've only been watching Anime in a little over half a year, but this show was the initial of many implies that I have watched and will be watching!...

  • Scum's Wish is still sucks

    30 octobre 2017

    Now, I watched this earlier this year in 2017. I hated this show. No uncertainty about it. In any case, when I talked about it to my companion his response was, "It's a smart show, you have to think when you're watching it." or something to that impact....

  • Dagashi Kashi, don't watch it if you're not interested in sweets

    30 octobre 2017

    Soooo, an Anime which includes a rural sweet buy as its principal stage? Sure why don't you, seems harmless more than enough. And harmless it can be: I discovered the following via Another website that's showing off some sort of cosplayer's talents and...

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Free DLC Pack 4 Screenshots Show New Goku, Vegeta, Trunks

    24 juin 2017

    Screenshots of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s 100 % free DLC pack several are here and show new designs of Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, together with Kid Trunks. All characters enjoy the costumes they wore in the Future Trunks/Goku Ebony arc of Dragon Ball...

  • Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu anime, is not really GOOD

    16 octobre 2017

    Properly, I guess it's best to aim for the wasteland if you're creating a substantial project, like some sort of bishoujo game? I apologize.... I just can't developed a good way to begin this review. Not surprisingly, this Anime is not really GOOD. I...