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Adementes Personal Blog

Let's Talk About Anime with Me!!!

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  • Interview With Monster Girls Anime Review

    30 janvier 2017

    Starting off with a slice-of-life anime could have been one of the many harder choices to get started a series of articles, but Interviews With Monster Girls belongs to the better shows to relax this winter season. The show centers around Tetsuo Takahashi,...

  • What is My Views About Haikyuu Volleyball Manga

    30 janvier 2017

    This manga truly idolizes the underdogs without getting them all of the sudden earn new skills and talents. At the start of the series, everyone was kind of plain. Their skills were medicore at best, and they created constant mistakes. During the training...

  • Looking for the First Makoto Shinkai Movies? Maybe You're in Right Path!!

    01 février 2017

    We knew that Makoto Shinkai has the best anime movie ever in Japan, namely Kimi no Na wa. But, he wasn’t gain so much popularity without any struggle. For example, his first movie titled “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” was not too popular among...